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Airport Transfer Made Easy. Yes!

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

use Howard Beach Station to get to us. We are the second stop from Howard Beach. Ten mins ride!
Howard Beach Station at JFK Airport

Airport transfer is a dreaded experience by travelers worldwide. Getting lost inside the airport is just the beginning, but getting lost in a big city on the way to your hotel, ecpecially at night is an altogether frightful experience. We want you to know, that staying with us it does not have to be so. We have two Airport Transfer methods that will save you time and money.

First,if you are travelling light choose NYC Subway. From your Terminal at JFK Airport take the AirTrain to Howard Beach Station. Get off the AirTrain and transfer to subway line "A" (it's the only one at the station) in the direction of Rockaways. We are the second stop, Beach 67 Street. Your entire journey from the Airport will take 10 minutes and cost you $2.75. Once at Beach 67 Street it is another two minutes walk to us. Give us a call if you need assistance: 203-556-9665.

Second, if you are travelling long distance and with heavy luggage, we offer an airport shuttle. No, it's not "free", but it costs you half the price of a taxi ride or Uber. You are also guaranteed to never get lost getting out of the Airport and looking for directions. This can easily save you hundreds of dollars. Airport taxi cabs are notorious for doubling or even trippling the route pretending they don't know where to go. It's a scam. Don't fall for it. Call us and ask to pick you up and drop you off at a fraction of the price. Our shuttle is super clean and handsome. The driver is too. You will pat yourself on the back when you arrive here in twenty minutes flat, without getting lost or ripped off.

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