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Biking in Gateway Recreation Area

Biking had always been a staple sport and favorite passtime in Rockway Beach. Whether you just bought a three-wheeler for your child, or you are an avid biker prepping for world class tournament, you will find a perfect surface to put your bike on. Most recently, the Rockaway Boardwalk had been revamped and re-imagined to make biking a success. Two large lanes dedicated for bikes only make high speed biking a breeze, leaving pedestrians well on the side.

But it is not just the thrill of speed and smooth surface that attracts bikers to the Rockaways. Spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and Jamaica Bay is another reason you might want to take up biking. But first get the map of biking trails around Jamaica Bay - a stunning 30 miles long route that will leave you wanting to come back year after year. Recent renovation of Belt Parkway greatly improved biking paths on the north shore of Jamaica Bay, amking it even easier to get out of the car and onto the bike.

As you get on the trail dont forget to take in the natural beauty of this unique area of natural habitat - observe the marshes and marine birds that make a home right on the doorstop of Big Apple. It will surprise you how alive the sea shore is along some of the busiest roads in the country. All you have to do is pay attention.

Of course, bikers need comfort, too, such as rest stops, water and bathrooms. You can totally rely on such things at Canarsie Pier, Floyd Bennett Field, Marine Park, all on the North side of Jamaica Bay, as well as in Riis Park, Fort Tilden and Rockaway Beach, on the South side of Jamaica Bay. And here is the best part - once you come to Rockaway Beach you can also reward yourself with a good bite right on the Boardwalk - plenty of choice here - from traditional beach fare - ice cream and hot dogs, to more modern inventions - fish tacos, arepas, wraps, and even paleo breakfasts.

Don't forget to book your stay with us at Inn Your Element B&B to enjoy a good night's sleep in a pristine bed with luxury linens. You will feel renewed and revitalized after the day's exertions. Happy biking!

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