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Protecting Sea Birds in Rockaway Beach

As we are heading to the beach season we must be mindful of those species which call our beaches their home. Among them is the tiny beach bird called "piping plover" with its distinctive bird call. Among its peculiar features is the habit of following retreating waves as they bare the sand with a myriad of easily accessible worms and mollusks ready for the picking. It is a joy to see the carefully orchestrated dance of these birds as they "catch" each wave to a millisecond. Another feature of the piping plover is that it nests right on the beach and its eggs are barely distinguishable from rocks and sand - one of the many reason for its disappearance. People who wade into their territory often crash the egss under their feet or let dogs consume them.

To help protect the birds Federal Government listed them as endangered species. Unfortunately, not all members of the public understand why we should care about these tiny birds. The answer is - not least beacause they are part of the enormous food chain that sustains us as well. The dissappearance of even the tiniest part of the food chain would lead to a cascade of events that could tragically impact us through our deteriorating environment.

To help you understand piping plover's habitat NYC Parks Department will hold an education meeting on June 22 between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm on Beach 35 th Street and Boardwalk. Park rangers will explain current conservation efforts and help the public to see the birds from the most advantageous points. For more information see NYC Parks Department announcement:

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