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Spring to Beach Time!

Coem and see cherry blossom on Rockaway Beach Boulevard across from StopNShop supermarket.
Cherry Blossom in the Rockaways

It is finally getting warmer. Trees are in bloom, birds fly back and insects are starting to buzz. Best of all the day is getting longer and you can catch sunlight even after 8:00 pm. But is it time for the beach yet? You bet!

Here are some ideas for beach time in spring:

Get an early tan. There is really no need to wait till the dead of heat to get your tan. On the contrary now is the time to get your kiss of sunshine gently, without fear of burns or radiation. It will look great and stay longer, and get you ready for that beah tan envy.

See the birds return. What a lovely feel it is to hear the birds fly back from warmer climes. Here is the Rockaway American Oyster Catcher with its remarkable red beak nests right on the beach. It is a joy to see their rites of spring. NYC Parks Department does a great job protecting their nesting sites. If you wish to see the diversity of migrating sea birds right here in NYC why not sign up with one of the talks and tours of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge? American Audobon Society also runs regular tours of migrating birds sites in Jamaica Bay.

Help clean up the beach. Several local organizations run early beach clean up events to help the ocean lead a happy and healthy life. Why not come and give us a hand? Doing good for the planet starts in your community.

Run for It! You can take part in the local Rotary Club runs that kick start the season. What a great way to meet the locals and showcase your fitness savvy.

Explore Biking Paths. For biking enthusiasts new biking paths on the boardwalk and around Jamaica Bay are an absolute delight. Why not download maps of biking paths from our site (see Biking Page under Activities tab) and check them out before the season begins. New Lime Bikes are avaialble for hire with dozens of them scatterred on and off the boardwalk. It has never been easier to bike here!

See the music scene. In the summer you would want to go to the best band at the best place. Why not get oriented now and find out for yourself who is who in the local music scene? Rockaway Wave newspaper (available everywhere) has regular lisitngs of music venues.

Check out dining options. If you wish to find the best dining spot in the Rockaways to get your date over, now is the time to look them up. From formal dining, such as Rockaway classic Kennedy's restaurant in Breezy Point or Vetro in Howard Beach, to local eateries, such as Uma's or Thai Rock, or Whit's End, or Bungalow Bar and Restaurant, all have music to play and excellent fare. See their addresses on our Food and Wine Page under Activities Tab.

Water sports orientation. Find out about surfing class specials for early subscribers by contacting surfing schools, such as Locals or Skudin Surf, who will be recruiting their students right here on the beach from Memorial Day onwards.

YMCA Summer Camps. Check out local YMCA for summer camp offerrings for the kids. Getting here from the city is a piece of cake and might be priceless for a child stuck in the city in the summer. Rockaway YMCA is one of the best in the city and offers genuine alternative to idling at home.

Stay at Inn Your Element with off-season prices. Yes, it is still a lot-lot cheaper to stay with us then later in the season. Mid-week you might have the whole house for yourself for the price of a room. All amenities are the same, but feel a lot better pre-season.

Till next time! Happy Travel!