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Stay Longer and Better For Less with NYC Long Term Rentals

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Traveling to New York City is exciting, aspirational and unique. Many of us dream of a trip to New York City to advance our lives - in business, career, training, or work experience. But few imagine that New York has unique recreational opportunities right on the doorsteps of the Big Apple. Using those will make your Business + Leisure combination a reality! Who knew!

One of the hidden gems is Rockaway Beach - a 7-mile sandy beach stretched along Rockaway Penninsula on the southern shore of Queens County. Separated from the mainland by Jamaica Bay Rockaway Beach is a haven for artists, writers, environmentalists, water enthusiasts, foodies, musicians, and urban planners. For New York City visitors it an opportunity to meet New York in person - through its local communities - of surfers, artists, restaurateurs, music bands, as well as New Yorks's best and finest.

If you want to enrich your perspective on life in New York you could not find a better place. Stay with NYC Long Term Rentals to discover the rich new palette of people and experiences. There is no need to stay in your hotel room with a pizza dinner and TV marathons. Get out on the beach and get in on the action. Go to a local surfers' club (Locals) on Beach 69 Street, rent a surfing suit and dive at any time of the year! As you see in the above video folks here dive year-round - and having a dog fetch ball just adds to the fun!

Alternatively, you can join food and wine enthusiasts at any of our local restaurants and bars and find a warm reception among Italian, Irish, Peruvian, Russian and Argentian communities, to name just a few. We regularly post upcoming music events at local haunts, just follow us on FB! If you are into wine and craft beer there are several well-curated wine stores and a local brewery to meet with the locals.

Should you need some me-time head to one of several local Yoga studios

and schedule a training session, or just join a regular group. Also, don't forget several beauty salons and day spas to make you look good any day of the year. Should you wish to immerse yourself fully in a unique spa culture of New York head to Spa Castle in College Town, Queens, for a truly unique experience. In Manhattan, you can see their slightly smaller version of a mega-spa on 57th Street, in Midtown.

If you like photography, you can never go wrong by Rockaway Beach. Not only can you see spectacular sunrise and sunset, but you can also capture moonrise as you never have seen before and a stargaze across our galaxy, as Rockaway Beach is probably the darkest spot in New York City. See the Orion, Sirius, the Pleiads, and more! Train your camera on the celestial landscape and take it away with you!

Last, but not least, catch a Rockaway Ferry to or from Manhattan for an unforgettable view of New York City Harbor and Statue of Liberty.

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