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Why Come to the Beach in the Fall?

For residents of a beachside community this is an obvious question - fall is one of the most romantic times at the beach. But if you are a mainlander (i.e. live on the main land, away from the beach) it might not be so obvious. So here are some ideas to help you come to the beach in the fall.

1. Far less crowds. It's true. In the summer beach is overrun by the crowds, as we all want a small slice of the sea for ourselves. And it takes away from that communion with nature. In the fall though crowds fade away, as kids go to school and adults go back to work. But for savvy beach lover it is just another excuse to get back here. No more congestion on the beach or boardwalk. Few people to see, sometimes almost none. You and the beach are finally one.

2. Much warmer than inland. Yes, that's true. In spring the ocean takes a long time to warm up, but in the fall it takes an equally long time to cool down. You will be amazed how much warmer it is by the beach than in the woods inland. You can still catch some tan or refresh the one you already got.

3. Nature at its finest. Cooler temperatures calm down the ocean. No more strong waves and currents. The ocean is calm and the waves are almost gone. Still like the lake. If you like wave surfing now is the time. But if you simply want to dip your toes in the water without being soaked, that's the time you can.

4. Spectacular sunsets and moonrises. As the earth turns on its axis and the sky "lowers" you can see spectacular sunsets and moonrises. Time to get your phone or your camera ready. Truly unforgettable experience.

5. Wildlife on the move. Wales and dolphins migrate to other climes. Who know where they might be going, but the sight of the them playing along the shore takes your breath away. Get your camera ready or better yet catch a whale watching cruise and enjoy the wild life as never seen before.

6. Walk in crisp air. Cooler temperatures make the air crisp to breath and easy to walk along the shore. Try walking in the heat of the summer! But this time of year 5 miles of the boardwalk will seem like a walk in the park.

7. Meditate. Stillness of nature and cooling air is just so inviting for us to meditate. Make plans, count your bessings. Invite someone special. Take your loved ones. Make a thing out of it! Think of how great it is to just stand in front of this vastness of nature and be part of it.

8. A lot-lot cheaper to book a hotel room. That one should be enough to get you over to the beach. Inn Your Element B&B offers great discounts this time of year. If you were unable to visit during summer, as our prices soared, come in the fall, you will be blown away at how affordable and yet how restful the place is. At times you might get the entire house for the price of a room!

Till next time! Happy Travel!

Natalia Assa

Innkeeper and your host

Inn Your Element B&B