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It's been a long debate who brought revitalization to Rockaway Beach - builders or surfers - but one thing is certain is that surfing is a year round pursuit and is here to stay. Rockaway Beach Surf Club had seen a swell in numbers over the last ten years and has welcomed both domestic and transplant surfers. Several schools opened up on the beach offerring surfing lessons and camps for the young and young at heart.


If you are not "into" surfing then simply come and enjoy the sight - the beach is teaming with surfers year round. Many bars and restaurants now offer "surf theme" ambiance and there is no shortage of venues to meet fellow enthisiasts. Below is a short list of schools we highly recommend.

In addition one can find other water sports equally attractive - paddle boarding, kayaking and jet ski.

Kayak trails are spread all over Jamaica Bay and maps can be found online. Jet ski is a spectacular sport if you like to see NYC skyline from a new vantage point. Either way, if you are curious and want to find out more, come to Rockaway Beach for a variety of water sports and a community of enthusiasts.     

Locals Surf School

Accredited with NSSIA (National Surf School Instructors Association). Offers fun and safe professional surf lessons

Skudin Surf

Offering a range of kids and adults surf camps, surf lessons and corporate events

Enjoy a fun filled day at Rockaway Jet Ski offering an exciting line up of water sport activities for everyone. Whether the thrill of a jet ski ride, the serenity of a kayak trip, or the challenge of stand up paddleboard you will find an activity just right for you and your party. Activities last from 30 minutes to 4 hours. 


Get closer to nature in a kayak. Rent kayaks from local schools. 

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